Things to help with your choice

When we think of Christmas red, green, white and gold come to mind. But don't feel limited to the tradiition colours for your next family or working Christmas party. You can go winter colours like blues, silver and clear printed balloons or bright mixed colours symbolizing the end of the year.
The basic package that a lot of people begin with is 100 Balloons for the dancefloor and a table decoration of 3 balloons for each table.
Balloon Boutique has some great feature designs to make a basic Christmas Party into something fantastic. Whether it's an arch, sculptured Christmas characters, balloon drop, balloons on the dance floor or a balloon curtain.
It doesn't matter how big or small your party is we can come up with something to help make your christmas special. Whether it' a balloon Christmas tree or a topiary. We can brighten up 1 table or 40 tables into a magical evening.