Things to help with your choice

When it comes to deciding on decor' for your big day, Colour is very important. Whether you stay traditional with pearls, gold and/or silver. Or you go fresh and use bright exiciting colours. This goes for balloons, ribbons and trimings.
Depending on if your wedding is inside or outside will effect what decor' would be best for you. Some decor' is best inside, especially with helium filled balloons on ribbons. if your wedding is outside a great idea is to go with air filled balloons in bunches or topiarys.
Balloon Boutique has some great designs for table decorations and we can customise them to your dream but if you're having cocktail party we also have some wonderful decor' perfect for floor and ceiling space.
Balloon Boutiques staff is here to guide you through the decision to help make your wedding a magical day. We can show you designs and decor' to give you inspiration but don't forget if you have an idea we can make it happen, no matter how big or small.