Things to help with your choice

Balloon Boutique has a broad range of colours to choose from, in all materials including balloons, ribbons, shape cut-outs, sprays and much, much more. You can theme your balloon bouquet to the recipents favourite colours, football team, or maube even a party that is coming up. The Combinations are endless whether you wish to use many different colours or a just couple.
If you want to add that something special to your table decorations, especially if you're only getting one for a dinner, add a foil. Our foils come in a variety of designs, including ages, birthday, congratulations, anniversary and more.
When you're getting ready for a very special day Balloon Boutique can liase with you on creating a design that hasn't been seen before.
Your Venue has a lot to do with your choice of table decoation. If the ceiling is tall, if it's inside or out or if you're having long or round tables.