Professional Latex Balloons

We at Balloon Boutique used only the highest grade of profession brand helium quality latex balloons. And what we use for our great bouquets and designs is what we sell in bags to our customers. All latex balloons are natural products, made from the rubber tree in a sustainable process - making latex balloons 100% bio-degradable.

'Foil' Balloons

When people think of a balloon for birthdays, new born babies or for a get well - a 'foil' balloon is what people think of. And did you know foil balloons filled with helium can last floating for up to over a week? That's why balloons are a great choice in place of flowers.

Our Range of Latex Balloons

We have a large range of latex balloons in many sizes, shapes, finishes and colours. We even have latex balloons in the shape of flowers, hearts and dounuts. And we have balloons from 5cm across to 3ft.



our Range of 'Foil' Balloons

At Balloon Boutique we have an extensive range of 'Foil' balloons in all shapes and sizes. Whether it's for a 1st birthday or 50th wedding anniversary we have it in store for you.