Balloon Boutique has a broad range of colours to choose from, in all materials including balloons, ribbons, shape cut-outs, sprays and much, much more. You can theme your balloon bouquet to the recipents favourite colours, football team, or maube even a party that is coming up. The Combinations are endless whether you wish to use many different colours or a just couple.
It may seem simple to answer but there are a few details to think about when choosing if you want Latex Balloons, Foil Balloons or both. If you wish to use helium filled Latex balloons than you may want to use 'High Float' to prolong the float time of your bouquet. A foil balloon with helium and air filled latex can float for up to a week.
If you really want to make a statement why not add an ULTRA sized foil to your bouquet. They vary in size and shape, with some up to 80cms or the shape of a glass of beer.
Is your bouquet for someone having a milestone Birthday? If it is, we have a large range of aged birthday balloons in foil and latex, from 1st to 100th.